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Mittels eines solchen elektrischen bzw. It is also possible a thermal energy storage using the energy provided by such an electrical or chemical energy storage available to operate, for example, a electric boiler.

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Insbesondere ist so bei einem elektrischen bzw. The thermal power plant according to the invention is particularly suitable for carrying out the method according to the invention or one of the further developments described, as well as the inventive method of operation of the thermal power plant is particularly suitable to be performed on the inventive gas turbine power plant or any of its explained further developments.

The embodiments described relate both to the invention thermal power plant as well as to the inventive method of operating a thermal power plant. The previously given description of advantageous embodiments of the invention contains numerous features which are partially reproduced in the individual sub-claims to several summarized. These features of the skilled artisan will consider expediently also individually and combine them into additional, meaningful combinations.

The invention and its embodiment and advantages are explained below by means of embodiments with reference to the figures. Gleiche bzw. Identical or functionally identical components have the same reference numerals in the figures.

Thermal Power Plants – Advanced Applications

Es zeigen Show it. Der Gasturbinenteil The gas turbine part 14 14 des GuD-Kraftwerks of the combined cycle power plant 1 1 weist eine Gasturbinenanlage comprises a gas turbine plant 15 15 aus einem Verdichter a compressor 16 16 , einer mit fluiden Brennstoffen beheizten Brennkammer , A heated with fluid fuels combustion chamber 17 17 mit mehreren Brennern nicht dargestellt und einer Gasturbine with a plurality of burners not shown and a gas turbine 18 18 auf. Ferner ist ein an die Gasturbine Further, a to the gas turbine 18 18 angekoppelter und durch diese angetriebener Generator a coupled and driven by this generator 19 19 zur Stromerzeugung vorhanden.

Dort wird das Gemisch aus Frischluft There, the mixture of fresh air 21 21 und Brennstoff and fuel 22 22 mittels des bzw.

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Durch den an die Gasturbine By the gas turbine 18 18 gekoppelten Generator coupled generator 19 19 wird die mechanische Leistung dann in elektrische Leistung umgewandelt, welche als elektrischer Strom in das elektrische Energieverteilungsnetz Stromnetz the mechanical power is then converted to electrical power which as electric current in the electric energy distribution network mains 6 6 eingespeist fed 5 5 wird. An die Dampfturbine To the steam turbine 27 27 ist ein Generator is a generator 29 29 angekoppelt, der mechanische Leistung in elektrische Leistung umwandelt.

Chemical memory. Control energy.

Thermal Power Plant Components

Die Beladung des Akkus The loading of the battery 13 13 hat dabei keinerlei negativen Einfluss auf den Wirkungsgrad des GuD-Kraftwerks it has no negative impact on the efficiency of the combined cycle power plant 1 1. Although the invention in detail by the preferred embodiments is further illustrated and described, the invention is not limited by the disclosed examples and other variations can be derived therefrom by the skilled artisan without departing from the scope of the invention.

This list of references cited by the applicant is generated automatically and is included solely to inform the reader. Die Liste ist nicht Bestandteil der deutschen Patent- bzw. The list is not part of the German patent or utility model application. The DPMA is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Zitierte Nicht-Patentliteratur Cited non-patent literature. Thermisches Kraftwerk Thermal power plant 1 1 nach Anspruch 2, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der thermische Speicher According to claim 2, characterized in that the thermal memory 2 2 ein Tank , A tank 12 12 , insbesondere ein Drucktank , In particular a pressure tank 12 12 , oder ein Kessel , Or a boiler 12 12 , insbesondere ein Dampf-, Elektroden- oder Heizkessel , In particular a steam, electrode or boiler 12 12 , ist.

Is integrated. Verfahren zum Betreiben eines thermischen Kraftwerks A method of operating a thermal power plant 1 1 nach Anspruch 8, bei dem das Hochfahren ein Kaltstart oder ein Schwarzstart ist. According to claim 8, wherein the startup is a cold start or a black start.

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Is filled. Is loaded. Optimization of cold start in thermal power plants, in particular in steam turbine or for gas and steam turbine power plants CCPP. Thermal power plants in particular cold steam power plant or a combined cycle power plant ccpps start optimization. Optimization of cold starts in thermal power stations, in particular in steam-electric power plants or in combined cycle power plants ccpps. USA1 en. EPA1 en. CNB en. DEA1 en. WOA1 en. Steam power station with steam generator and at least one steam turbine - driving generator and steam exhaust line connected to steam turbine with condenser connected to steam exhaust line and condensate line connected to condenser.

Turbine with heating system, and corresponding solar power plant and operating method. Quick Start device for a turbine, and method for operating a quick-start device. Method and system integrating combustion turbine with a regenerative solar rankine power plant.

Electric power-facility provided with a means for storing power and method for controlling such a facility. Ulrich Grumann et al. CNA en. DEB4 en. Method and apparatus for the use of low temperature heat to produce electricity. DEC2 en. Bruno et al.

Integration of absorption cooling systems into micro gas turbine trigeneration systems using biogas: case study of a sewage treatment plant. EPB1 en. Method and apparatus for effective and low-emission operation of power stations, as well as for energy storage and energy conversion. Salgi et al. System behaviour of compressed-air energy-storage in Denmark with a high penetration of renewable energy sources. DET2 en. Abhitzewiedergewinnung in an organic energy converter using an intermediate liquid cycle.

GBA en. DEB3 en. Solar-hybrid operated gas and steam power plant has solar plant, gas turbine system and steam turbine system, where heat-carrier circuit is provided for transmitting solar heat. Huang et al. A techno-economic assessment of biomass fuelled trigeneration system integrated with organic Rankine cycle. USB2 en. Basrawi et al. Effect of ambient temperature on the performance of micro gas turbine with cogeneration system in cold region.

Storage of electrical energy with thermal storage and return through a thermodynamic cycle. Method for generating energy by means of thermal cycles with high pressure and moderate temperature steam. Wind power generation, thermal power generation and compressed air energy storage integrated power generation system.

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Preliminary analysis of compound systems based on high temperature fuel cell, gas turbine and Organic Rankine Cycle. Pavlas et al. Solar thermal power plants are a promising technology, as they provide the possibility to buffer solar energy in a thermal storage. Thus, it can produce electricity according to the demand and is independent of meteorological fluctuations. A life cycle assessment is necessary to assess the environmental impact of a solar thermal power plant and its individual components. The most ecologically relevant components are identified and modelled with different specifications in order to compare the influence of different building types.

Furthermore, the life cycle assessment model is applied to different geographical locations in order to enable site-specific considerations. The life cycle inventory is generated based on an extensive literature research and forms the foundation for the modelling of solar thermal tower power plants in the LCA software GaBi ts.

As a result, the most ecologically relevant components are determined. A comparison of the different locations allows statements on the ecological potential of solar thermal tower power plants at a specific site. The heliostats consist mainly of steel and glass and are needed in large numbers. The molten salt is used in a high amount and consists of a mixture from sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate which both have a high impact on GWP. Moreover, the transport and the construction on site have relevant contributions to GWP.

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The impact of the transport results from the large mass of all shipped components. The impact of the construction on site has copper cables as the main contributor. The end-of-life scenarios have a significant effect on the total impact.