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In the s the Boer Voortrekkers came here to escape the deadly malaria and oppressive heat of South Africa's Lowveld.

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Doing so is still a good idea. Giraffe, kudu, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, zebra, impala and other wildlife roam its plains and forests. But because Lapolosa is not yet a Big 5 reserve, visitors enjoy hiking and camping on the property in safety.

Lapolosa is blessed with water, lots of water. It possesses many small, year-round springs, streams and waterfalls, several boreholes and extensive frontage on the Buffelskloof Dam and two rivers. A favorite hike for visitors is to one of the magnificent waterfalls just below Buffelskloof Dam, including one thirty-meters high.

Most roads are 4x4 or quad trails. Patrols are done by quad bike.

Self to Self Selected Essays

At the end of the Anglo-Boer War the Boer Commando made its last stand from Lapolosa's height's, defensive rock redoubts dot its hills and one of the last Long Tom artillery pieces was spiked on an adjoining hillside. Access to Lapolosa is through a manned entrance gate. The main road through the reserve is private gazetted over 10 years ago.

Self-Selected Essays A Second Series

No workers live on the reserve. All have homes elsewhere, and depart the reserve on their leaves. Access to the reserve has only been granted to volunteers and school groups joining the reserve's volunteer program.

Self to Self: Selected Essays

There are no servitude rights to anywhere on the property. A 70 hectare section on the south side of Buffelskloof Dam and the Waterval River, with water rights;is also part of the reserve. For example: the owner had Telkom remove all the telephone lines from the reserve in and specifically planned game fencing such that the fencing lines are as invisible as possible i.

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The Source of Self-Regard

New York University Department of Philosophy. Princeton Department Of Philosophy. Areas of Specialization Moral Psychology. All publications So it goes.

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