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In addition, scholars who have received the highest ratings record objective levels of research output and impact of their research that are no different from the minimum levels of objective performance at much lower NRF ratings. Moreover, we find strong cross-disciplinary differences in terms of the impact that objective levels of performance have on the probability of achieving different NRF ratings.

Finally, we report evidence that NRF peer review is less likely to reward multiauthored research output than single-authored output. In Sub-Saharan Africa, climate change is set to hit the agricultural sector the most and cause untold suffering particularly for smallholder farmers. To cushion themselves against the potential welfare losses, smallholder farmers need to recognize the changes already taking place in their climate and undertake appropriate investments towards adaptation. This study investigates whether smallholder farmers in Tanzania recognize climate change and consequently adapt to it in their agricultural activities.

The study also investigates the factors influencing their choice of adaptation methods to climate change To do this, the study collected and analyzed data from randomly selected households in a sample of districts representing the six agro-ecological regions of the country. The data shows that Tanzanian smallholder farmers have observed changes in mean and variance precipitation and temperature and responded to it The farmers have generally used shortseason crops, drought-resistant crops, irrigation, planting dates and tree planting to adapt to the potential negative impacts of climate change on their agricultural yields.

A binary logit model is used to investigate the factors influencing a famer's decision to undertake any adaptation at all to climate change while a multinomial logit model is used to investigate the factors influencing farmers' choice of specific adaptation methods. The Tanzanian government needs to help smallholder farmers overcome constraints they face in taking up adaptation to climate change.

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Furthermore, the government can play a significant role by promoting adaptation methods appropriate for particular circumstances e. The lack of cooperation and prevalence of free riding in efforts to reduce emissions reflects the public good dilemma synonymous with climate change: whereby individual incentives lead to sub-optimal outcomes. This study examines how cooperative norms can be fostered through democratic processes. Specifically, we assess whether a given policy affects cooperation more significantly when it is democratically chosen by heterogeneous subjects as opposed to exogenously imposed by the experimenter.

Economic Integration in Tanzania (1970–2011): A Biophysical Assessment

Subjects with differing marginal costs of abatement must democratically select an institution to reduce a national greenhouse gas inventory. By majority vote, subjects can choose between communication and two carbon tax variants. The experimental literature from studies with homogenous subjects suggests that cooperation improves when policy is endogenously selected as opposed to exogenously enforced.

Overall we find that endogenous choice does not improve cooperation when subjects are heterogeneous. Furthermore, we find that, in the absence of a binding commitment, cooperation declines with endogenous choice as the prevalence of free-riding increases. The international financial crisis that started in and the subsequent end of the long expansion in South Africa has refocused attention on the business cycle.

Prior to the crisis, the economies of both developed and developing countries experienced an extended period of low and stable inflation and stable real economic growth, an episode that has been called the "great moderation". The disruption of this era by the financial crisis has highlighted the importance of understanding the nature and causes of the great moderation, to assist policy makers in facilitating its resumption. This paper considers the historical evidence for the great moderation in South Africa with the aid of a time-varuing stochastic volatility model and various break-point tests.

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Working Paper Publication date: September Download the publication PDF Total downloads: You might also be interested in these publications. Violent Development: Toward an economic history of African warfare and military organisation. Publication date: August Download the publication PDF 1.

Dynamic deterrence analysis of factors affecting the management of Sudan Fishery.

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Keywords: Fishery regulations , dynamic deterrence model , Sudan , Tobit , management. Quality of Institutions: Does Intelligence Matter? Journal: Intelligence. Keywords: governance , institutions , intelligence. Total downloads: 1 Monetary policy and commodity terms of trade shocks in emerging market economies.

Journal: Economic Modelling. Financial Reforms and Consumption Behaviour in Malawi. Articles should be submitted directly to the editor of your choice. We offer rapid publication of high quality articles. Our papers are presented in a variety of formats, including pdf with extensive internal cross-reference links for ease of electronic browsing, as well as external links from the bibliographic entries to the reviews in MathSciNet and Zentralblatt.

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Its goal is to present the broadest possible consideration of all aspects of the relationships between architecture and mathematics.

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Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics formerly: Review of Research, Faculty of Science, Mathematics Series publishes original research papers from all fields of pure and applied mathematics. The print version is available for subscription or exchange from the editorial secretariat. Probability Surveys publishes survey articles in theoretical and applied probability. The style of articles may range from reviews of recent research to graduate textbook exposition. Articles may be broad or narrow in scope. The essential requirements are a well specified topic and target audience, together with clear exposition.

It is the oldest mathematical journal in Yugoslavia. It publishes papers and invited lectures. Papers should provide original research contributions. Surveys and invited lectures should have a tutorial or overview character. One or more issues may be devoted to special topics. As for the electronic version, fulltexts are presently available from Vol.

Access to the electronic version is restricted to subscribers for the most recent issues, within a moving wall of two years. The EMIS pages of this journal are mirrored from the journal's homepage. Access to the journal is provided free of charge to all users. A printed version of each volume is also published by the SMF. Regular meetings will continue in the same spirit, but it has been decided that the Seminar will now host a new international electronic journal carrying the same name.

The Journal aims at the quick electronic publications of scientific papers in all branches of mathematics, surveys, short communications, papers on mathematical life, and book surveys. The journal is available in electronic form only and there appears one volume per year.

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The journal publishes peer-reviewed original research articles in the Russian language from any field in mathematics. The journal appears in one volume consisting of six issues per annum. The print version is available for subscription from MK-Periodica or Rospechat.

For more detail, refer to the official journal's homepage. The journal is translated into English from cover to cover and the English edition is available from Kluwer Academic Publishers under the title Siberian Mathematical Journal. These surveys are offered as a free service to the scientific community. Survey articles will be regularly solicited. These surveys are directed at the graduate student level and beyond. SAT is not meant as a first-publication journal, nor a collection of electronic monographs or textbooks.

Instead, these survey articles are meant to review a topic while citing, explaining and assessing the most relevant, important and interesting aspects of the topic.

SAT will be organized into yearly volumes. Articles appear as they are ready.