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The New Face of War: Attacks in Cyberspace

But we did not. We found clusters of groups sharing code with each other, but no evidence of code sharing between different clusters.

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The approach points to extraordinary levels of investment. This amount of effort and resources across six huge clusters means huge investment by Russia in offensive cyberspace. I have never seen evidence of that before. And the approach has been some time in the making.

The History of Cyber Warfare | Lewis University Online

This magnitude could only be done by China, Russia, the U. But I haven't seen anything like it before.

This map has been built by Check Point and Israeli analytics company Intezer , a complex interactive tool that enables researchers to drill down into malware samples and attack incidents, viewing the relationships within clusters and the isolated firewalls operating at a higher level.

The research has been angled as an advisory ahead of the U.

Russia has the capability to mount waves of concerted attacks. But the findings actually point to something much more sinister.

The WIRED Guide to Cyberwar

Automated Adversary Profiling. Paulo Shakarian, Gerardo I. Simari, Geoffrey Moores, Simon Parsons. Julie L. Marble, W. Napoleon C.

Cyber Warfare: U.S. Military Admits Immediate Danger Is 'Keeping Us Up At Night'

Paxton, Stephen Russell, Ira S. Moskowitz, Paul Hyden. Are cyber attacks a real threat in Africa? For allies of the United States, the reality of a Donald Trump presidency has just begun to sink in. How the internet has made us terrifyingly vulnerable.

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With the DNC email leak and Trump calling on Russia to hack Clinton's emails, concern about foreign meddling in the presidential election process is rising. Is e-voting the next cyber battleground? The US and the UK realise the urgent need for serious investment in cybersecurity. So why is the Australian government taking the issue so lightly? The country's actual offensive cyber capabilities remain shrouded in the classified world.

Thailand's Cyber Wars

But what is public is enough to discuss potential cyber weapons and how they might be used.