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Where is God?

I thought He cared! Why am I angry with my boss, wife, kids, friends, people on the road, and how can I get rid of this feeling? When I don't agree with someone I want to give them a piece of my mind, what should I do? When someone pushes me, or says certain things, I want to physically or verbally abuse them, I want to stop? How do I manage my stress? Everything is falling apart, I need help? Everytime I talk to my spouse, kid, parents, teacher,worker, boss, I get so stressed out, what can I do?

I am afraid I am going to lose everything, things are going to get worse, how can I stop thinking this way? My whole body seem tense, I can't relax and have a hard time sleeping, what is wrong with me?

I do not want to have conflict, I will agree with someone even if I have a different view, how can I express myself without conflict? My boss, child, spouse, worker, friend makes all kinds of untrue statements and says hurtful things, how should I handle it? How can I stand up for myself without calling people out? I want to die. I am worthless, I bring no value, I am a failure, how do I change this thinking? What is my purpose, I don't have any skills?

This is what I experienced as a child, how can I get over the hurt? My kids never call or see me, how can I have a relationship with them? Finally, Townsend addresses the attitudes, conflicts, and difficulties of parents themselves, helping them resolve their own personal obstacles to being an effective maturing force for the teen. Also available on unabridged audio CD, read by the author.

Boundaries with Teens

Description: The item shows wear from consistent use, but it remains in good condition and works perfectly. All pages and cover are intact including the dust cover, if applicable. Spine may show signs of wear. This one on teens is no different. They give some really practical steps in making sure you are setting a good foundation for your teen's adult life. I highly recommend this book for parents of teens, especially if you are struggling with behavior shifts that are catching you off guard. It will make you feel less alone and help you gain insight into what is going on physically I really love the Boundaries books.

It will make you feel less alone and help you gain insight into what is going on physically, emotionally, and spiritually inside of your teen. It's not a fix-all book, but it does make you stop and think about all the changes that teens face on a daily basis. It also gives you suggestions of ways to handle various negative situations teens might find themselves in. May 30, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: parenting.

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  • Boundaries With Teens : When to Say Yes, How to Say No - Dr John Townsend.

Excellent advice, with specific examples and scenarios. Of course, much of it is easier said than done. To me, the most helpful part is understanding what a teen is going through.

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No - John Townsend - Google книги

Teens are frustrating and their behavior is often illogical, but understanding some Excellent advice, with specific examples and scenarios. Teens are frustrating and their behavior is often illogical, but understanding some of the underlying issues, like brain or hormonal changes, natural movement toward independence, and stressors in their lives, definitely puts their behavior into better context and gives me a better perspective on how to relate to them. There are a lot of practical tips and advice in here, about consequences, setting expectations clearly, and getting to the root of the problems.

I borrowed this from the library, but I'm thinking I may want to actually buy a copy to keep on hand, as various specific problems pop up over the next few years. The last section deals very specifically with common teen issues, and I didn't read each one this time, I just read the ones relating to the issues I've seen in T, so I think this would be a good reference book to keep on our shelves. Aug 31, Maurya rated it really liked it. The big things are empathy, talking, and sticking to your word. Make the boundaries clear. Townsend gives a great deal of practical advice from his years of clinical experience with teens and their parents.

I appreciated his emphasis on communication and building relationships with your children. He also speaks to the importance of establishing boundaries in our own lives so that we are better equipped emotionally to deal with the challenges our kids are facing. He seems to unquestioningly accept an 8 or so year span between childhood and adulthood when adolescents should be seen and treated differently. Jan 25, Jacque rated it it was amazing Shelves: in This is a great book for parents of teenagers.

Boundaries with Teens: When to say Yes, How to say No

It does have a Christian presence for those that are, but I would urge even non-Christian individuals to give it a go. The content and principles are still applicable.

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  • When to Say Yes, How to Say No.

There are some slight contradictions in the book but I think it was because each teen and circumstance is different and ultimately you are the final decision-maker as the parent. I have a young teenager who is starting to explore his boundaries. This has some great reminders of how to work through difficult behaviors and confrontations. As always, if you have an extreme case, this book advises seeking professional help. Be prepared to acknowledge weakness in yourself as well as your teen. This book will help give you the tools to grow individually as well as together.

I plan to keep a physical copy of the book to refer to certain chapters frequently. A note about the audio version: I found the narration to be a good fit. The first time or two it was okay but after a few of them it started to feel condescending. Feb 20, Carole Sparks rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Christian parents of teenagers.

Shelves: intentional-parenting. You need to be strong enough for kids to crash into over and over and over again. We've also tried to parent to their hearts re: Shepherding a Child's Heart. Big chunks of this book felt heavy-handed to me. Also, fully half of the book addresses specific rebellious behaviors and how to manage them. Honestly, I didn't read all these.

That being said, there are some good takeaways. In particular, a list of mature qualities to nurture as our teens grow, such as "values-based, not peer-driven" pg. I also appreciate the general affirmation that having rules and expecting adherence is the better choice in parenting. For involved, mindful parents, this one works better as a reference book than a how-to guide. I read Boundaries in Marriage many years ago, and loved it.

It helped me to identify the abuse I was experiencing in my marriage and I will never forget some of the lessons it taught me. Maybe it's because of that that I found this book to be only so-so. I found that the advice was pretty common sense, and not really helpful in my situation. I've recently been recommended another book, Stop Walking on Eggshells, which I think might be better suited to our situation.

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Feb 09, Maren rated it it was ok. I sort of knew going into it that it wasn't going to work for me because of my reaction to the original Boundaries book, but it was recommended to us and our teen absolutely needs some boundaries so I was willing to try. I didn't disagree with the information, it was just too superficial to be helpful to me.