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You will be responsible for fermentation activities, you will ensure the sampling and characterization of batches produced. You will carry out the tests then you will ensure the analyses, the compilation, and the synthesis of the multiple data.

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You will participate in the bioinformatics analysis of the data generated for the search for bacterial signatures. You will prepare communication materials, reports and presentation. You have a solid scientific basis in order to undertake thesis work with a multidisciplinary approach Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology added to a strong interest in fermentation theoretical and technical and bacterial metabolism.

You demonstrate rigor, personal organization and autonomy and are recognized for your very good writing skills. E-mail : fiserr natur. The Laboratory of Bacterial Physiology investigates: i the function of bacterial toxins that affect the cytoplasmic membrane of the target cell, ii the adaptation of the bacterial membrane to various stresses and the interaction of the membrane with membrane-active compounds, iii the interaction of bacterial cells with nanomaterials. Together with the usual microbiological methods, a wide range of biophysical approaches is used: methods based on fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, conductance measurements on lipid bilayers, X-ray crystallography, analytical methods including gas and liquid chromatography and also computational modelling methods for protein structures.


Associate Scientist - bacterial physiology: France

Bacteria are able to export the toxin molecules into extracellular space. The toxins can drastically change the behavior of the target cells and ultimately cause their death. The research of the Laboratory of Bacterial Physiology is focused on protein toxins of pathogenic bacteria and their interactions with the cytoplasmic membrane of their host cells. We are particularly interested in the adenylate cyclase toxin CyaA of Bordetella pertusis , the causative agent of the whooping cough.

By employing its several activities, this toxin inhibits the immune response of the target cells.

Regulation of Mycobacterial Growth

The Laboratory also cooperates in structural studies of the C-terminal RTX domain of the CyaA and other related RTX toxins that have a crucial role in folding into the native conformation. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, and more.

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Bacterial Physiology (section 7143)

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Quantitative Bacterial Physiology - Lecture 1

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