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Robert Grosseteste c. Albert the Great c. Early Empiricist. Roger Bacon c. Empiricist, mathematician. Thomas Aquinas c. Bonaventure c. Siger c. Boetius of Dacia. Averroist, Aristotelian. Ramon Llull c. Franciscan, Scholastic. Meister Eckhart c.

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John Wycliffe c. Nicole Oresme c. Made contributions to economics, science, mathematics, theology and philosophy. Marsilius of Padua c.

Understood chief function of state as mediator. William of Ockham c. Gersonides c. Jean Buridan c. Hasdai Crescas c. Nicholas of Cusa — Lorenzo Valla — Humanist, critic of scholastic logic. Pico della Mirandola — Renaissance humanist. Desiderius Erasmus — Humanist, advocate of free will.

Political realism. Copernicus — Sir Thomas More — Petrus Ramus — Martin Luther — Major Western Christian theologian.

The History of Philosophy in the Classical Period (600 B.C. to 600 A.D.)

Teresa of Avila — Spanish mystic. Michel de Montaigne — Humanist, skeptic. Giordano Bruno — Advocate of heliocentrism. Francisco Suarez — Politically proto-liberal.

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John Calvin — Pierre Charron — John Milton Francis Bacon — Hugo Grotius — Natural law theorist. Galileo Galilei — Herbert of Cherbury. Heliocentrism, dualism, rationalism. Pierre Gassendi — Marin Mersenne — Spanish catholic philosopher Queen Kristina — Pierre de Fermat c. Probability theorist. Robert Filmer — Thomas Hobbes — Political realist. Joseph Glanvill — Arnold Geulincx — Important occasionalist theorist.

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Blaise Pascal — Physicist, scientist. Henry More — Geraud Cordemoy Pierre Nicole — Ralph Cudworth — Cambridge Platonist. Margaret Cavendish — Materialist, feminist. Antoine Arnauld — Richard Cumberland — Early proponent of utilitarianism. Jacques Rohault. Simon Foucher — Robert Boyle — Nicolas Malebranche — Samuel von Pufendorf — Social contract theorist.

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Baruch Spinoza — Isaac Newton — Anne Conway, Viscountess Conway — John Locke — Major Empiricist. Political philosopher. Damaris Masham — John Toland — Pierre Bayle — Samuel Clarke — Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury — John Norris — Gottfried Leibniz — Co-inventor of the calculus. George Berkeley — Idealist, empiricist. Catherine Cockburn — Giambattista Vico — Bernard Mandeville — Francis Hutcheson — Joseph Butler — Christian Wolff — Determinist, rationalist. John Gay philosopher — David Hume — Empiricist, skeptic.

Julien La Mettrie — Materialist, genetic determinist. David Hartley — Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu — Skeptic, humanist. Etienne de Condillac Richard Price — Political liberal. Voltaire — Denis Diderot — John Wesley — Jean-Jacques Rousseau — Social contract political philosopher.

Materialist, atheist. Adam Smith — Economic theorist, member of Scottish Enlightenment. Thomas Jefferson — Liberal political philosopher. Thomas Reid — Lessing — Edmund Burke — Conservative political philosopher.

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Immanuel Kant — Deontologist, proponent of synthetic a priori truths. Mary Wollstonecraft — Jeremy Bentham — Utilitarian, hedonist. Moses Mendelssohn — Member of the Jewish Enlightenment. William Godwin — Anarchist, utilitarian. Friedrich Schiller — William Paley — Johann Gottlieb Fichte — German idealist.

Thomas Robert Malthus — Friedrich Schleiermacher — Hegel — Jean-Baptiste Lamarck — Early evolutionary theorist. Comte de Saint-Simon — Arthur Schopenhauer — Richard Whately — Charles Babbage — John Austin — Legal positivist, utilitarian. Auguste Comte — Social philosopher, positivist. William Whewell — James Mill — Proudhon — Bernard Bolzano — Ralph Waldo Emerson — Trancendentalist, abolitionist, egalitarian, humanist. Ludwig Feuerbach — Max Stirner Augustus De Morgan — John Stuart Mill — Charles Darwin — Margaret Fuller — Henry David Thoreau — Trancendentalist, pacifist.

Sojourner Truth c. Karl Marx — Socialist, formulated historical materialism. Harriet Taylor Mill — Egalitarian, utilitarian. Friedrich Engels — Egalitarian, dialectical materialist. Sir William Hamilton, 9th Baronet — Mill — Hermann Lotze — Herbert Spencer — Nativism, libertarianism, social Darwinism. John Venn — Susan B. Anthony — Mikhail Bakunin — Revolutionary anarchist. Franz Brentano — Henry Sidgwick — Rationalism, utilitarianism.

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Richard Dedekind — Clifford — Charles Sanders Peirce — Edward Caird — Ernst Mach — Philosopher of science, influence on logical positivism. Green — British idealist. Gottlob Frege — Influential analytic philosopher. Wilhelm Dilthey — Friedrich Nietzsche — Naturalistic philosopher, influence on Existentialism. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis Carroll — Bernard Bosanquet — Giuseppe Peano — Elizabeth Cady Stanton — David George Ritchie — Social philosopher.

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